The field of Health care has always been intriguing to me since I was young. I remember perfectly my very first  visit to the Dentist in which I was fascinated by the artistic side of Dentistry.  I loved the feeling of freshness I got when I left the office. I enjoyed watching the Dentist and the Dental assistants as they did their work. But what was more captivating for me was how the material such as; veneers, crowns, retainers, braces and night guards were made. I noticed how significant the Dental business was when I realized how content people were when they attended their appointments and most of all how satisfied they were because of the end result of their Dental work.

After I graduated High School I knew I wanted to pursue a career within the Dental community. I wanted to put both my passion for the Dental industry and my expertise in my artistic side to good use. That is why I registered into the Dental Technician Program. In school I met plenty of students and also very educated professors. Since the program consisted of sixteen students it made the student and teacher experience very memorable for me. Our teachers were always available for tutoring and guidance. I truly enjoyed the time I had in college and dreamt that one day I would be able to teach and pass on what I had learned onto the next generation of students. I finally graduated from the program with honors  with an ambition to get out into the world and  find a rewarding  career for after graduation.

I posted my resume to an Orthodontic lab, and since I had the expertise from my education I got a call back immediately for an interview, which lead to a start of a gratifying profession as a Dental Technician/ laboratory manager. I began working alongside of various dental professionals such as Doctors, Dental assistants and Dental receptionists. I was exceptionally satisfied with the salary and benefits that were offered to me and this is where I knew that two short years of college education was completely worth it. It was such an amazing moment when my boss explained to me how vital my role would be for the company, that is when I came to the understanding that I had chosen a career path in which I was of great importance to an organization.

I have been working for this company ever since , and the way that the staff and patients treat me is why I love my job so much. The best part of it all is that my work can make such a drastic change in someone’s life. I personally believe that changing someone’s smile can boost their self esteem and change their life forever. I see patients who come in who are unhappy because of their teeth and after only a few short visits they leave so content and fulfilled with the outcome and I am extremely delighted that I get to be a part of their great experience.

I find the Dental Technician program to be fascinating and interesting. It is important to note that everyday previous generations of technicians are retiring and newer generations are needed to fill in their shoes.  I have seen a  strong demand in this profession and  believe that there will always be a great requirement for dental technicians. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is interested and I am proud to be one of those individuals who had the privilege of getting involved in the field of Dental Technology.

Hooman Janami R.D.T.

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   - Currently works at Dr. Barry Cutler, Dr. Jonathan Suzuki and Dr. Dolly Bharwani INC Orthodontic Practice as a personal technician.


My interest started in the sciences. This led to a B.Sc. in Biochemistry at The University of British Columbia. In late undergraduate years, I entered the laboratory and began science research. Biochemistry is a medical science. This brought me back to the Department of Biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine.  My training continued with the professors and doctors. It progressed to the medical laboratory, with introduction of medical technology. Research and technology came together.

With encouragements by associates in dentistry, I entered the dental laboratory field. As science and technology advanced, so has dental technology. This learning curve became steeper: new biomaterials implant surgical procedures, digital technology, and patient cosmetic awareness. My experience is in crown & bridge, encompassing teaching and training employees and in continuing education.  With experience in the medical-dental research and development field, I am energized to carry on teaching and training new dental technicians. There is immense technical knowledge and skills to be transferred in this technology.

Ted Peng R.D.T.

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   - Completed Dental Technician Co-operative Program at Vancouver Community College in 1996. 
   - Currently works at ProTec Dental Laboratories Ltd


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